PEGA Developer

Metropolitan Manila Fulltime 500+
•    Establish a common approach for documenting the application designs by working with the client’s technical architecture and foundation development team.
     •    Ensure the application components align with the application architecture
     •    Identify and address application and data issues that affect application integrity
     •    Identify cross-capability and cross-release issues that affect the business architecture integrity
     •    Work with other architects to ensure the application components align with a specific architecture component
     •    Identify risks and assumptions associated with the applications
     •    Work with the application designer to create a high-level design of an end-to-end integration solution by: 1) defining the flow of data between the applications that must be integrated, 2) mapping business process activities to the applications that support them, and 3) drafting a data object model that provides a common structure for mapping the data between the applications
     •    Identify cross-team issues, and communicate them to the appropriate team leads.
     •    Assess the impact of the integration requirements to the technical architecture and specify the integration service requirements.
     •    Validate that the application requirements meet overall business process needs, are within the project scope, and are internally consistent.
     •    Validate that the integration solution and integration architecture designs utilize the integration architecture components appropriately
     •    Participate in code reviews and unit test execution review. a.    Degree in computer science, information systems or equivalent
     b.    Minimum of 2 years IT related experience
     c.    Experience in Pega development
     d.    Minimum of 1 year experience in configuring and customizing PRPC
     e.    Familiarity with PRPC Security, packaging and deployment
     f.    Experience in managing a team of developers is a plus
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