This job opening is expired and exists as historical reference.

Talent Supply Chain (NonBPO) - PE

Metropolitan Manila Fulltime 500+

Job Description

The Senior Recruitment Analyst (Talent Supply Demand) will be responsible in identifying key talent needs to execute business strategy and develop plans to proactively address the needs of the customer. This role will match supply to the demand, close roles, manage scheduling issues & execute sourcing strategy across one or more channels to optimize resource plans considering cost & availability of resources.
Client Supply Demand
•    "Create and Optimize" project resource plans by: understanding new demand via new business or client meetings; providing perspective on resource availability/challenges; and working with Resource Pools to address sourcing challenges and improvement opportunities.
•    Responsible for analyzing open role requirements, identifying resourcing risks, coordinating with the resource pool/ fulfillment channels.
•    Responsible for all client demand – helping to manage open roles, coordinating amongst various resource pools, prioritizing roles, and escalating issues. Their scope includes all roles regardless of channel (e.g. including off-shore DCs, contractors, client specific hires, expat staffing etc.)
•    Work with Resource Pool Specialists, Recruitment, Talent Fulfillment Specialists, GCP Leads etc. to provide a fully coordinated sourcing plan.
•    Balance the "transactional" and the "strategic" elements of client level supply/demand management
•    Responsible for effective service delivery of all client supply and demand related processes
•    Analyze resourcing risks, concerns and mitigation options and disc


•    Amenable to Project Based Role •    Graduate of Bachelor’s Degree •    Requires three (3) years experience in Talent Supply Demand Management •    Experience in Resource Forecasting and Planning •    Experience in Reporting and Data Analytics •    Strong Stakeholder Management experience •    Willing to be assigned in Boni, Mandaluyong City •    Regular Shift, 9AM-6:30PM
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