This job opening is expired and exists as historical reference.

Customer Relations Associate

Ayala Land
Metro Manila Fulltime 250+

The Customer Relations Associate supports the Customer Relations Unit’s delivery of quality customer service by handling phone queries and emails to update clients and to address their concerns.  S/He coordinates with other units for the immediate resolution of client concerns, and prepares documentation and communicates with clients for inspection, acceptance and turnover schedules.

1. Handles customer complaints to address concerns and restore client’s trust
Records, tracks and updates complaints/requests/concerns received by the department through phone calls and emails
Promptly advises clients that their concerns will be addressed
Occasionally prepares acknowledgement letters for letters which require longer periods to address
Logs complaints received and keeps track of due date of resolution
Coordinates with different departments for action plans, closure of issues and generation of complaints reports thru Total Customer Satisfaction – Management System (TCS-MS) technology
2. Coordinates with other units for the immediate resolution of clients’ concerns
Schedules meetings with the respective people involved in resolving client concern.
3. Prepares unit for turnover to client
Manages the requirements and the processing of application forms for Meralco installation
Orders and prepares logistics for Welcome Kit and Housewarming gifts for unit acceptance
Schedules clients for their inspection/viewing dates. Confirms with clients receipt of inspection letter thru phone call.
Relays preferred acceptance/inspection date of buyers to the Quality Inspection Team to ensure unit readiness for inspection; Handles notarization of the acceptance forms and sends notarized copies to buyers.
4. Conducts phone brigades to inform clients of general developments in specific developments as instructed by Product Managers (i.e. changes in flooring specification, project updates)
5. Directly assists clients with simple requests.


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