This job opening is expired and exists as historical reference.

Area Manager

Pasig City Fulltime 100+
Job Description:
1. Plans and secure executions of programs on service and cleanliness quality standards, achievement of sales forecasts and profitability of all stations under designed area.
2. Ensures achievement of stations sales forecasts and profitability of all stations.
3. Keep track of controllable costs of all stations within your area ensuring that such is maintained in an acceptable amount.
4. Ensures that all crisis occurrences including customer complaints are given adequate attention and coordinated with Vice President.
5. Ensures corrent implementation of operational policies, systems and procedures such as cash control, station cleanliness, customer services, etc.
6. Monitor and analyzes relevant trends occuring your area including competitor's check and potential site assessment.
7. Leads, coaches, trains and directs you team ensuring their readiness and effectiveness in handling responsibilities.
8. Provides support and guidance to the management/Station team before and during station opening ensuring its smooth and efficient operation.
9. Evaluates performance of all Branch Supervisor in accordance to the company objectives and plans.
10. Keeps Track of all relevant operational concerns that may affect station performance by conducting one-in-one group meetings with your station team or management team meeting.
11. Monitors and protects trademarks (Logos, streamers, signboards, etc. ) and takes actions or reports to the department concerned any substandard materials.

Minimum Qualifications;
1. Able to determine and analyze problems, identify best solutions and take actions promptly.
2. Able to serve as operations expert and consultant or operational procedures and business management.
3. Able to travel from one store to another and vicinities within this area.
4. Able to discuss operational issues firm yet diplomatic.
5. Able to motivate, coach, lead and direct people.
6. Strong analytical and planning skills
7. Good communication and presentation skills
8. Excellent problem-solving skills
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