This job opening is expired and exists as historical reference.

Manager - Client operations

Laguna Fulltime 250+

Job Description

The Client Operations Manager helps manages onsite, Direct injection, and any client site first mile requirements. It includes the manpower compliment, trucking assignment, operational planning for campaign, client inquiries, report generation and submission. Ensures implementation of plans,  policies and standards of the company. He/she must also be abreast of the daily operational requirements, the ability to handle it with utmost urgency and pro-active approach in addressing Operations, Logistics, Human Resource, Customer Relations and Finance.
  • Customers
    • Handles the on-boarding and site set-up for new clients
    • Oversee and maintain site operations based on KPI and cost targets
    • Establish, update and improve client operational processes
    • Establish systems and processes that will help monitor and maintain the required key performance indicators per client
    • Establish the necessary performance reports as contractually agreed
    • Identifies and develops sustainable customer relationships
    • Responds and resolves existing customer inquiries/ complaints
    • Oversees the operational compliance of the team based on the standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Operation Organization
    • Provide leadership in the areas of assets and resource utilization, site organisation and activities
    • Identify the service requirement of subcontractor and transportation services, and ensure acquire reliable service at competitive rates
    • Responsible for Operational KPIs
    • Plan, organize and direct an efficient and effective function.
    • Manage the allocation of appropriate resources and commitment of staff to the achievement of site objectives and targets
    • Evaluates the performance of subordinates
    • Monitor site related cost versus budget
    • Implements cost saving measures and operational efficiency processes
    • Proposes necessary system enhancements and operational process improvements
    • Participation in contract reviews
    • Any other operational activities as deemed required by the management
  • Ensure compliance and strict adherence to company’s standards, policies and procedures as
    well as agreed work performance
  • Plans, directs and controls the daily operations of the Teams under his/her area
  • Ensures efficient operations by making sure that Teams comply with SOPs and Company policies.
  • Regularly analyzes efficiency performance and monitor areas for improvement
  • Analyzes all Monitoring reports and come up with programs and measures to improve the productivity and efficiency of the area
  • Continuously seeks potential locations or relocation of existing cross dock operations
  • Coordinate and negotiate with shipping lines, airlines and truckers on rates and services, communicate and develop professional working relationship with them
  • Working areas under His/Her management is within standards and well maintained such as but not limited to:
    • Cleanliness
    • Serviceability
    • Renovations
  • Ensure timely and consistent delivery of KPI’s to client and Entrego
  • Conducts Process Review analysis of Clients Operations, logistics practices and concept studies, provides professional opinion and recommends logistics solutions that will simplify and optimize facilities and other resources
  • Other functions that may be assigned from time to time and he/she will cover the entire Luzon area
  • Strong knowledge of end-to-end Courier, Express and parcels (CEP) operations experience
  • Good spoken and written English skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced team-based environment
  • Experience managing a big team
  • Patients and passion to achieve, and culturally sensitive
  • Extensive customer interface experience, strong history of building consensus among diverse teams
  • Negotiation skills with customers and suppliers
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • People development skills to motivate and empower all people to achieve their maximum potential
  • Leadership skills to attain individual and group goals
  • Familiarity on fast moving e-commerce business
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