This job opening is expired and exists as historical reference.

Senior Manager - Road Freight and Mid Mile

Laguna Fulltime 250+

Job Description

The Senior Manager for Road Freight manages all trucks nationwide inbound or outbound of all Entrego branches in Luzon Visayas and Mindanao. He/She ensures the daily operations and operational compliance on productivity. Evaluates and analyzing both internal and external factors affecting performance of trucks dispatched. Ensures implementation of plans, policies and standards of the company. He/she must also be abreast of the daily operational requirements, the ability to handle it with utmost urgency and pro-active approach in addressing his/her daily operational concerns.
  • Establish and maintain a system that identifies market needs and customer requirements in the trucking industry.
  • Recommends steps needed to increase and protect the market base of the company.
  • Responsible for the improvement of revenue through the promotion of company’s image and effective media communications/public relations of the branch in coordination with Sales and Marketing Department.
  • Responsible in the attainment of revenue and collection targets through the development of an effective action plan and execution of efficient revenue collection in the branch.
  • Monitors trucking operation cost and maintains a low cost per service offered to customers by maximizing capacity, increasing volume and lowering costs.
  • Ensures that systems and procedures are effectively monitored and deviations are corrected
    and continuously improved to meet customer’s changing needs and expectations.
  • Establish good relationship with the suppliers, service contractors and government agencies in meeting customer’s changing needs.
  • Ensure compliance and strict adherence to company’s standards, policies and procedures as well as agreed work performance.
  • Plans, directs and controls the daily operations of the Teams under his/her area.
  • Ensures efficient operations by making sure that Teams comply with SOPs and Company policies.
  • Regularly analyzes efficiency performance and monitor areas for improvement
  • Analyzes all Monitoring reports and come up with programs and measures to improve the productivity and efficiency of the area.
  • Coordinate and negotiate with truckers on rates and services, communicate and develop professional working relationship with them.
  • Work space areas under his management is within standards and well maintained such as but not limited to:
    • Cleanliness
    • Serviceability
    • Renovations
  • Ensure timely and consistent delivery of KPI’s to Entrego.
  • Conducts Process Review analysis of Clients Operations, logistics practices and concept studies, provides professional opinion and recommends logistics solutions that will simplify and optimize facilities and other resources.
  • Monitors all Contracts of Lease and re-negotiates any extension and recommends to Assoc. Director for solution then approval.
  • Other functions that may be assigned from time to time and he/she will cover the entire Luzon area.
  • Graduate of any four-year course.
  • Minimum 4 years work experience as Manager in Operations or Sales in land, sea and air freight forwarding in the logistics industry.
  • Demonstrate ability to train and mentor associate and mid-level managers.
  • Apply the principles of business and technical requirements needed in Operations.
  • Knowledgeable in trucking, sea/air forwarding, and distribution services.
  • Must have confidence in roll-out/delivery of projects/trainings
  • Excellent Project Management Skills
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills, problem solving and teamwork.
  • Essential to have good numerical skills and excellent understanding
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