This job opening is expired and exists as historical reference.

Software Architect

Taguig Fulltime 100+


  • Provide expertise and leadership in architecture and implementation, both in the infrastructure and applications space.
  • Design solutions to help with prototyping and development, and take solutions through to launch and market.
  • Provide technical standards, tools, and platforms.
  • Provide guidance and mentoring in implementing best practices across the board.
  • Help various technical teams to resolve problems.


  • Experience with or deep understanding of private, public and hybrid cloud design considerations and limitations in the areas of virtualization, distributed systems, load balancing and networking, and security.
  • Experience dealing with systems designed using a Microservice Architecture.
  • Experience dealing with security from application level to infrastructure level.
  • Minimum of 5 years experience working with enterprise systems.
  • Extensive experience in designing systems and hands-on coding with Java
  • Extensive experience working with SQL and a variety of open-source relational databases (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL).
  • Experience in designing and implementing API based solutions using various protocols such as REST and SOAP
  • Extensive experience in data modelling.
  • Experience administering Linux servers.
  • Experience working with clusters and scalable systems.
  • Experience implementing standards, tools, and platforms.
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