Manager/ Senior Manager, Regional Customer Care Project Manager

Taguig Fulltime 100+
Job Description
The Customer Care Project Manager is a blended role scoping Lazada’s regional and local requirement on end to end the projects management up to implementation. The Role is responsible to carry out the projects the supports the framework of the BPO service delivery from Operations, Training, Quality and Workforce Management. The Role is responsible to conceptualize key project to enhance and improve customer experience via our Service Delivery Partners (BPOs).

Key Responsibilities:

•    Operations & Quality Assessor: Responsible to investigate, develop, implement and control quality measure to assess performance of the BPO service delivery. Innovate and relevant industry trends Customer Service Delivery.
•    Project Manager: Conduct and assist comprehensive analysis on customer care operations to identify areas on improvement governing process, product, service and operations. Plan and lead to create projects to enhance the customer experience for every moment of truth in the BPO including improvement to carry overall products and services to enhance agent experience. Work with various stakeholders to from planning to end to end implementation. Conducts deep dive on gaps for enhancement and process improvements.
•    Communicate/Collaborate with Stakeholders, Cross Functional teams and Service Partners. Act as a liaison/project manager to communicate and share information across the local and regional stakeholders and the service partners to ensure requirements are achieved and met.
•    Operations Support: Coordinate and work with BPO Management team, WFM and Training and quality team to ensure SL are achieved and projects implemented produces impact
Job Requirements
•    Must have at least 7-10 years’ experience in operations management on customer service including BPO performance, Quality and Training governance and staffing.
•    Must have evidence experience on Project Management roles.
•    Good communication around issues and opportunities – get things done, make things happen.
•    Able to manage orchestrate a group of teams of cross function to 1 goal/project.
•    Able to identify service defect and provide solutions.
•    Must be articulate orally and written. Comfortable with ppt creations, excel and the likes.
•    Must have a can-do attitude, independent, agile and result oriented.
•    Must be good at managing conflicts and disagreement with charm and composure.
•    Strong data gathering & analysis capability.
•    Independent and goal driven.
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