Business Transformation: Customer Service - Trainer

BGC Fulltime 250+

The Operation teams at Shopee covers the operational end-to-end process, from when the buyer searches for a product listed on the Shopee platform, to the moment the buyer receives the products. The team analyses and monitors operational KPIs across the region and conducts root cause analysis when operation performance fluctuates. The Operations team comprises Customer Service, Payment, Listings, Warehouse, Logistics, Seller Operations and Fraud.

Job Description:
  • Carries out the implementation of knowledge based on the Training Curriculum
  • Establish innovative deck, materials and hands-on procedures for training enhancement
  • Documenting new processes/updates in the process materials
  • Standardise and organise training modules for proper safe keeping
  • Identify and assess training needs to determine gaps for further improvement on training materials and curriculum to better increase product knowledge and capabilities
  • Highly adept at building and maintaining fruitful, beneficial relationships horizontally and vertically across all departments
  • Deliver dynamic training sessions (on-boarding, soft skills, process and refresher training, etc) across customer service to a diverse learning participant
  • Collaborate with Quality Team and Management across site to identify operational deficiencies and develop lean, solution-oriented, measurable training
  • Monitor and improve all new hires accomplishment and address deficiencies to establish readiness prior to endorsing
  • Provide individual coaching, daily feedback sessions and weekly one-on-one to new hires prior to endorsing
  • Meet individual and team targets and KPIs

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