This job opening is expired and exists as historical reference.

Onsite Marketing Campaigns Management

BGC Fulltime 79

The Marketing team at Shopee is responsible for conceptualising and implementing go-to-market activities to achieve increased usage and visibility. The team covers areas including Campaigns Management, Community, Public Relations, Partnerships, Offline Marketing and Design. The Regional Marketing team is responsible for strategising and implementing go-to-market activities and working with local teams to localise marketing for the specific markets. The Brand and Growth Marketing team covers all aspects of online and performance marketing for the region. This team is responsible for data-driven solutions, tracking and measuring data to reach the targeted customers. Browse our Marketing team openings to see how you can make an impact with us.

Job Description:
  • Plans/strategises for and manages marketing campaigns
  • Helps Campaigns Execution members with the fulfilment of their roles and responsibilities, with guidance from their own managers
  • Responsible for achieving all project KPIs and targets
  • Oversees smooth and timely execution of campaigns
  • Regularly reviews analytics and metrics to report on campaign performance
  • Recalibrate campaigns and/or innovates entirely new campaign concepts based on project performance and all available data
  • Drives continual optimisation of the project and the team
  • Collaborates and coordinates across multiple teams including Social Media, Offline Marketing, Business Development, Design, and Operations

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