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The Language and Communication Leader is responsible for helping Teammates develop language and communication skills. The main tasks of the role are the following: design, develop, implement, track and measure the effectiveness of the learning intervention provided. The Language and Communications Leader is also expected to take part in a near hire onboarding program.

The Language and Communications Coach is expected to be a great communicator with the ability to effectively describe complex ideas and processes to different audiences. An effective Language and Communications Coach is highly organized, proficient in time management, and is comfortable speaking and interacting in front of an audience.


  • Conduct a study to identify language and communications training needs
  • Create a plan to prioritize intervention for each type of communication learning need
  • Collaborate with the training manager in creating the Language and Communication training calendar for the year to equip and fill in competency gaps
  • Design, develop, implement, measure effectiveness, and track strategic and tactical Leadership and Communications Skills Trainings
  • Schedule and facilitate appropriate coaching sessions
  • Oversee and facilitate workshops and individual coaching sessions when appropriate 
  • Prepare training aides such as module summaries, videos, and presentations
  • Train and guide new employees
  • Develop monitoring systems to ensure that progress of all employees in the program is being tracked
  • Align with the established training strategy and determine the appropriate methodology to be used
  • Partner with external vendors who can help in supplementing internal training courses


  • At least 2 years of Language and Communications Coaching/Training experience in either the BPO, Contact Centre, KPO, or Digital Marketing industries
  • Solid knowledge and experience in Language specific measures and interventions
  • Excellent facilitation skills
  • Strong English speaking and writing
  • Knowledge and experience on Effectiveness Measures for both language and communications 
  • Project Management Skills
  • Stakeholder Management Skills
  • Excellent Coaching Skills
  • Partnership and relationship building skills
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