This job opening is expired and exists as historical reference.

Data Scientist

Pasig City Fulltime 79

This role will directly report to the Data Engineering and Analytics Lead.

This role will require one to collaborate with different venture leads, product owners, shared services teams, development teams and other project stakeholders to turn the company’s datasets into valuable and actionable business insights.

The role is both hands-on and strategic that would require experience in processing large amounts of varied data to identify trends and inconsistencies with the goals of the business units.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Information Technology, Computer Science or any related course.
  • Minimum of 5 years hands-on experience in the data science field working on datasets and building models.
  • Strong statistical background and have applied statistical techniques such as regression, distributions to a business need.
  • Experienced in using statistical programming languages like R and Python to process data and draw insights.
  • Knowledge on data mining and machine learning techniques such as clustering, decision trees, artificial neural networks, and can decide on its appropriate use case.
  • Experienced in using version control tools such as Git and in following Agile Scrum framework.
  • Ability to learn and implement new and different techniques.
  • Strong project management and business analysis skills.
  • Experienced interfacing with business users and understanding their requirements.
  • Team player and highly collaborative.

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