3 SCAMPANY Secrets You Might Be Missing

Lots of new investment and business opportunities (daw) are happening now especially in social media like online jobs board or Facebook. People thought that this opportunity is their key to have an extra income or a real-life job.

We are hiring, Come and Join our team, We are looking for someone like you, You’re hired, Congratulations! --- These are words that make our hearts beat fast. But, what if the company that you are eyeing is one of the many potential scams of our society today.

Did you know that these potential scammers are now called SCAMPANY? SCAMPANY= SCAM + COMPANY came from the root word scam which means a fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt obtain money or something else of value.

Now, here are 3 secrets of SCAMPANIES that everyone misses.

1. Congratulations! You’re hired! But you need to settle a minimum of Php 2,000.00 (or any amount) for processing fee. (WOW. Ang galing!)

Always remember that a candidate is not required to give or donate any amount just to qualify them for the position or to proceed with the interview process. You are looking for a job to support your personal need and earn money for your future, not the company.

2. Before we proceed with the interview process you first need to invite 10 more applicants. (Ay! Iba din. Padamihan ng invite.)

As a jobseeker, you are not required to bring your friends and colleagues just to get in the interview process or to qualify for a position. You are applying for a job for your own, it is not part of your role as a jobseeker to look or invite for other interested applicants.

3. We do not have any copy of government documents and registration but rest assured we are a legitimate company and we are processing all our papers.. (Perfect! Daming alam. Ikaw na!)

All documentations and registration should be accomplished first before they do any business transaction. Our Philippine Government mandated that companies should have SEC, DTI, BIR, Mayor’s Permit and other required business permits.

Always be aware and be smart. Potential Scammers have all the means and ways just to get what they want. Learn how to say NO. Always do your research and background check before attending a job interview or business transaction. It is always better to be safe. In this age of technology, ignorance cannot be an excuse.