4 School Rules You Should ‘Forget’ Before Working

No gadgets. No short shorts. No food… in class. These are some of the school rules we all know too well. If you are a fresh grad, you probably feel liberated from years of these ‘petty rules’ that you found useless. While some of these may be true, you’ll be surprised to know how rules we love to hate could also be useful. Here is a short list of important rules that may or may not apply to your work.

Corp. Mondays

If your school required corporate attire, you’re probably dying to take off those high heels and warm blazers every break. In the professional world, some companies still require uniforms depending on your industry. However, the trend today is actually gearing towards casual attires. And for the creative and tech industries, you can pretty much wear anything! When it comes to your interviews, wearing corporate attire may come off as too reserved or formal. We suggest you wear smart casual to make you look more interesting and confident.

Due tomorrow, do tomorrow

As a fresh grad, you’re surely an expert crammer and multitasker. In the workplace, this is no taboo. With multiple tasks on your plate, attending meetings or discussions while doing other work is okay as long as you are still attentive and efficient. After all, you have deadlines to beat. Plus, some companies are so open and flexible to the point that you can Netflix while working… Just make sure that you deliver on time and the internet connection is good.

Feeling Major na Minor

Ever had that time when you were memorizing tons of theories and concepts and you thought to yourself, do I even need this for my degree? Well chances are, you’re right. Depending on your industry, such wordy theories are not being used in daily work. Remember, school is highly structured. That’s why you had to memorize lengthy processes and historical dates and figures.

But hey, that doesn’t mean you should throw away 4 years of handouts and sleepless nights. The workplace allows you to be flexible. The point of knowing such information is not for you to memorize them but to apply them. So memorizing Jose Rizal’s full name may seem useless for your degree right now but you might be surprised how it can be an important reference in the future.

Counting for FDA

While snoozing your alarm, you must be counting how many more absences or tardiness you can make before an FDA (failure due to absence). Some professors are strict about attendance and we hate it when it reflects on our grades. Then you think to yourself, does my attendance necessarily reflect my performance as a student?

Just so you know, this is probably the most important school policy that is applied in the workplace. Sure, you’ll have the freedom to come in as early or as late as you want but the consequences are more painful than a GPA drop. Your future boss may not be as strict as your terror prof. when it comes to attendance but your pay check is! Tardiness and Absences translate to deductions to your monthly salary (ouch!). Hence, better stop snoozing and start getting up early.

Breaking school rules is natural in a student’s life. Some may seem unimportant right now but they will be beneficial in the office. Our schools are structured for us to know our limitations as professionals. They exist to discipline us and to make us efficient. So, the next time you decide to snooze, just remember the deductions you’ll get on your next pay.