A Data Visualization of the Millennial Job Seeker

Let's face it, the recruiting landscape is moving towards a millennial workforce. Before you know it the kids of the 80's and 90's would be the bulk of the decision makers of companies in different industries. As a generation slowly passes the baton, how can you, as a recruiter keep up with these changes? One way is to understand behavior and affinities of the millennial job seeker in the data level.

Who are Jobayan's Audience?

Among the total number of sessions logged in Jobayan, 44% of those are aged from 25 to 35 and coming close to second with 28% of session views are aged 18 to 24. Hence Jobayan's audience mostly comprises of the Generation Y.

Jobayan Job Seeker Audience


They Value Their Time

Work life balance is not a trend; it's becoming a part of the current job seekers' psyche. They value their hobbies and lifestyle. Whether it's exploring hole in the wall restaurants with friends, doing photography or art, or simply spending time with their family, Millennials seek work that doesn't stop them from doing what they love.

Looking into the sessions generated in January, 53% of these sessions have an affinity for some form of lifestyle, hobby, or a topic they are passionate about.


The Night Owls and The Morning Go Getters

Apart from valuing their lifestyle, there is an insight on when they do most of their job hunting activity. Among the total number of sign ups this January 2018 on Jobayan, most can be segmented to two time frames, morning (6am to 11am) and Night (11pm to 5am). What's mind blowing with this is more sign ups are done from 11pm to 5am than the in afternoon with a 31.6% difference between the two! 

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Job Seekers also tend to look for jobs either in the morning or the evening with afternoons close behind. Content that are effectively posted on these timeslots can definitely get the edge primarily because job seekers are actively looking. The nearer  job posts are made during these slots, the bigger chances of getting engagements.

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Going Mobile

Everything can be done through our smartphones from ordering food, paying bills, even buying tickets to a movie. As smartphones continue to increase its computing power and the upsurge of data plan options, so does its ability to shape how people do their daily activities. In Jobayan, we've seen an increase in mobile usage this January 2018. It's a telltale sign that millennial job seekers like to job hunt on the go and not bound by a seat and a desktop. 

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The Power of a Great Job Description

The job description serves as a short summary of the job seeker's role they will fulfill in your company. It will describe how their day to day goings will be. 38% of job seekers look for a detailed job description over the salary (12%). Experience needed follows as the second most valued data in a job post at 28.6% and the company's brand coming in third at 20.6%.

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Data to Help Shape your Audience

Target audience has been a term commonly associated in determining whose most likely interested in your company's product or service. Yet this can have its limitations and may make you miss the mark. Data can give you a scientific approach in shaping your recruitment marketing. It can give you the ability to create a calculated hypothesis towards achieving your desired objective, which is to eventually fill the roster of your company. In understanding the millennial job seeker through the perspective of data, it can gain you an advantage in planning your recruitment strategies. Creating the proper strategies that suits these types of job seekers can get you that competitive edge.

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