Adulting 101 When Applying For Your First Job

Clean up your social media

Millennials often think that Hiring Managers only check resumes. Your future employers wouldn't be too thrilled to watch your twerk videos or how you dread waking up early to go to class. According to a survey by SHRM, 84% of companies use social media to find candidates, and even use these information during background investigation.

Create a professional email address

Email addresses make an impact more than you could imagine. You don't want to be in a situation where your interviewer and future boss asks your email address, and you answer "" Create a professional email address to make a good impression. The ideal format would contain your name alone. The simpler, the better.

Don't be idle for too long.

Always be on the lookout for career opportunities. Never drop out of the radar. Most fresh graduates think they have the luxury of time, and end up wasting a lot of potential dream roles. Employers are aware of the school calendar and they advertise jobs during graduation season. Waiting around means losing your shot at these opportunities. Explore job portals such as Jobayan to find the latest job opportunities

Maintain a portfolio, if applicable.

Today, standard resumes don't cut it anymore. HR representatives receive hundreds of resumes daily. A detailed work portfolio sets you apart from the typical job seeker. The ability to showcase your skills and career highlights gives you a definitive edge by turning the decision-making process of the Hiring Manager easier.

Brush-Up on your Communication Skills

Start talking in front of a mirror. Rehearse your answers for common interview questions. Check your body language and facial expressions. Make adjustments and gauge your effectiveness.

Exude Positivity

Create an air of positivity by choosing to discuss your strengths, passions, and goals. Talk about action plans and strategies, and complain less.