Challenging the Philippines' Recruiting Mindset

Whomever told you that recruiting is easy is wrong. It's an art form (or whatever the complete opposite of "easy" is). Yes, there are challenges to be sure, but let's spend our time exploring alternative options instead of re-hashing the same statistics that we already know.

Choose Multiple Channels

Don't just work with the same old job site. There's a bright new world out there with start ups with affordable costings (some are even free to use), lean and easier to work with.









  • Targeting: All Job Seekers


And don't forget about social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook literally has hundreds of job groups to join and LinkedIn is built for Job Recruiting. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has an extra step of building your network before your posts can get noticed. But don't just connect/follow everyone. Try to target users around the area you are hiring.

Don't Compare Apples to Oranges

Each job portal and social network offers completely different things. Sign up for all of them to maximize your efforts. If you don't have a 100 person HR department, don't try to do everything in house. If you compute the math, these channels will ultimately be cheaper.

dont compare online job sites

The main benefits of using all the platforms is for the awareness of your company and job post. Most offer that your job post will be distributed across all of their social channels. Some offer targeted marketing. Jobayan for example offers targeted email, SMS campaigns.

Don't wait, Scout!

Most recruiting departments wait for someone to apply which leads to opportunistic hires (hiring based on what's in front of you). Opportunistic hiring doesn't guarantee you will have the best candidate and contributes to the degrading quality of company output overtime.

scouting for talent

One of the main benefits to using multiple job portals is almost all of them give you access to their job seeker database. Do some research and reach out to job applicants. There's no better feeling than a company contacting a job seeker because of their talents trust me.

Company Culture is Your Best Friend

If you find yourself with too many qualified applicants, that's a good problem to have. When further filtering candidates, remember that qualifications aren't everything. Make sure you discover how each applicant is personally and determine if they are a match with your company core values and culture. If your company doesn't have core values or a defined culture documented. Take some time to work with your officers to set this up. This is why HR Matters!

scouting for talent

Remember you are a glorified match maker between your company and the job seeker. Make sure the person that is hired is a good company fit. Some common questions we ask which are related to our culture are the following.

  1. How do you balance your work and personal life? We ask this because we believe in having a work life balance.
  2. What are some things you liked (or didn't like) about your last job? We ask this to match company policies.
  3. How did you get from your home to here and how long it took? We ask this to test for general logic
  4. Do you have any questions for us? We ask this for any possible leadership qualities

Not to say everyone should ask these questions. Scientifically come up with go to questions and psychologically analyze the responses. Also make it dynamic! Some questions we asked a recent creative designer applicant are the following.

  1. What is your favorite white in hexadecimal?
  2. What is your favorite 3 color palette?
  3. What is your go to font?
  4. Where do you get your inspiration for designs everyday?

Learn Marketing

Honestly this is the key that will separate you from every other recruiter. Start getting intimate with Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email and SMS Marketing and Adwords. Allocate budgets for this. We wrote another article about Recruitment Marketing here.

Overall you should delegate the responsibility mostly to third party vendors leaving your HR department directing the way. According to global recruiting trends, there's a relative relation towards how jobseekers interprets a company's brand and culture. Recruitment marketing helps extend your brand to others looking in.

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