Do I Want a Job or a Career?

A person with a career means he has education, experiences, and jobs in a career cluster. On the other hand, an individual with no career means he has jobs from different fields. It may also mean that person is not advancing his skills and pay as he move from one job to another job. But what is the real difference between a job and a career?

Differentiating Job from Career

A job refers to an activity wherein a person earns money from. It's a regular responsibility to fulfill in order to make an income. Whereas in a career, it's a pursuit for a long-term success towards long-term goals.

In terms of requirements, a career requires specific education which should include specialized components that will help develop skills beyond what training programs are capable of. But then, a job may require or not require a special training or education.

When it comes to risk taking, jobs are safe when there is income and work stability. Shifting priorities, though, can significantly change job demands and may need relocation. However, risks can be external. For career, there will be more risks to take in order to achieve stability. Risks are usually internal, therefore it should be planned.

And for the income, job and career varies in many factors. For instance, jobs vary by demand specifically on wage. In a career, income varies based on its value to people and the society. But non-monetary benefits can be much higher.

The simplest explanation on how a job differs from a career is the time. Jobs are short term while careers are long term. It's good to decide whether you want to do something in the long run or in a specific time only.

What's Important for Millennials: Job or Career?

According to Gallup News, millennials believe that work and life have meaning and therefore should be worthy. They aim for better learning and growing. A full 87 percent of millennials, in fact, say that career growth as well as professional development opportunities are essential in having a job.

As highly educated individuals with great understanding for technology, millennials see their workplace as a development ground where they can further their skills and build a stable career in the future. For them, the right jobs will take them to their dream career. And since they believe that there is more to life than having a basic job, they aim to achieve their goals.

Bottom Line

It's important to know how to turn your job into a lifelong career. Though jobs and careers are oftentimes believed to be the same, you need to choose which path to take.

Your college degree will prepare you to pursue a career that you want to have in the long run. Make sure that your choice suits your lifelong dream. Find your sense of purpose with the passion you have in heart and in mind.

So what do you want, a job or a career?

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