Does Email Address Really Affect Your Job Hunting?

Have you ever thought that your email address has a big part in your job hunting? It may sound absurd and you might even think employers wonít pay attention to something that trivial. However, it is true, unprofessional email addresses make a bad first impression for employers.

Just imagine, as a job seeker looking for companies online you stumble upon a worthy company but has as its business email. Obviously, those types of email addresses can ruin the credibility a business. It will appear unprofessional and same goes for you.

So, how can you make a proper email address? In creating one, keep one thing in mind, be professional. Never use an email address with your pet name, numbers, your favorite artist or anything unrelated to your name. Remember, the email you use for social media should be separate from the one you use for job hunting.

As part of our Adulting 101 guide to job hunting, email addresses should be simple. It is ideal that it be limited to your name, thatís it. A good example is a combination of your first name and last name, or the first letter of your first name and your last name. Aside from its appropriateness, it will also be less complicated for recruiters. The simpler, the better.

Professional email addresses are one of the things that prove to employers that you are trustworthy enough to work in their company. So, if your email address was made way back when you were on 5th grade, itís time for you to update it. Itís a good practice to create a fresh email address dedicated only to job hunting where you can direct all your job applications and email inquiries from employers that have seen your resume. Remember, your professional email address should not be fancy, keep those kinds of emails for your social media.