College was actually fun! Agree? Amidst all the stresses you had at school, Iím sure there was at least one time in college when you had a moment over a drink with friends. May it be for a celebration of a new achievement or just for a random night at a bar. Since the existence of social media, we couldnít help but share photos online of what happened that night and the consequences are much worse than that hangover of yours.

Itís a lifestyle, updating ourselves in social media. Beyond these drunk photos, we see our friends enjoying the beach, our professors ranting over the traffic, and even photos of that acquaintance in school, joining a rally. We share everything online because we get the feeling of acceptance and assurance from the attention given by society through social media likes and comments. But the thing is, how far should we go in posting online?

Now that college is almost over, what a best reason to party and celebrate a new milestone in your life! But there are just so many things to remember especially that in few days, youíre about to start applying for a job. One of the most important things you need to remember is to clean up your social media profile.

When you apply for a job, recruiters, make research on their applicants by looking into their social media profiles. Of course you wouldnít want to let your future employer give you a bad first impression by seeing your most embarrassing moments during your college years. Worse, is seeing you pass out and how you are with your friends with the influence of alcohol.

Even from what you share on social media is important. A personís feed with harsh rants versus a personís feed filled with memes can say a lot about their personality. Remember, behavior is one of the most important factors recruiters look into from their applicants to hire and keep in their company. So before you get questioned about your decency, keep your personal behavior private until youíve proven yourself enough at work.

Work life is far different from student life. When you apply for a job even up to the day you get hired, employers expect you to be professional. This is a lot different from when you were still a student given so many considerations in your behavior.

Truth is, thereís nothing wrong with expressing yourself in social media, but as a jobseeker, keep in mind that youíre still in the middle of trying to convince recruiters that youíre credible enough to have a position in their company. So prepare well for your application and clean up that social media profile to show to show you deserve that job title.