Get a Career Page on Your Website in 10 minutes FREE

Career pages are hard to manage. If you made it using Wordpress, there are a slew of plugins available but managing your career section is quite a pain and if your site isn't optimized, will yield very low results. The majority of companies rely on job websites to get their job opportunities visible to the World.

However, Job seekers that are genuinely interested in your company will first visit your site directly and if there isn't an easy way for them to apply, most likely they will move on. That's how you lose out on potential job seekers that actually want to work for you.

Jobayan offers the best of both worlds with their Career Widget. It's all completely free and easy to setup.

1. Sign up to Jobayan and Log In (FREE)

Easiest way is to Log In with Facebook or LinkedIn

Sign up to Jobayan using Facebook or LinkedIn

If you signed up with email, check your inbox for the verification email.

Email verification example of Jobayan

2. Create a Post (Also FREE)

Create a Free Job Post on Jobayan

Right on the Home Page when you hit submit it will bring you to a more detailed form like below, but don't worry the rest is optional!

Simple and Free Job Post on Jobayan

3. Get the Career Widget (Again, FREE)

Go to Company Tools > Career Page and copy the Widget Button Code

Simple and Free Job Post on Jobayan

Paste on your Home Page code before the tag.

4. Rock On!

Jobayan career page settings

From here, you can manage your posts directly on Jobayan and it will show in your career button and your career page if you opted for that. Jobayan will also take care of the email notifications for you as well.

Here's a quick tip.

If you sponsor your post on Jobayan for 10 dollars, they will promote your post on Email, SMS, Facebook, Adwords, LinkedIn and Twitter. The value is worth well over 200 dollars.

Contact Jobayan for more information.