Hot New PH Startups You Can Apply To This 2018

The startup industry in the Philippines is growing. According to the 2017 PwC survey, a majority of startups were established in 2016 to 2017, higher than previous years. Despite the economy and issues of the country, industry trends won't seem to be slowing down soon. So expect to see more startups providing jobs to people.

But a job at a startup are different than the usual 9 to 5PM. They're more challenging and you would have to work on a variety of tasks. In a startup, your team will rely on you to do your best at work at all times.

But don't let that discourage you. Kerrin Sheldon, in his article at Fast Company, says that startup jobs can be very rewarding. You develop more skills than other workers. A startup also allows you to connect more with your fellow coworkers than in a larger company setup. And in a startup job, you get to experience diversity firsthand.

If you want to apply for a job at a startup this 2018, then here are some hot new startups you should consider. You can click on the headings to view more of their available jobs.

1. Casha

Casha is one of the leading financial startups in the country. They provide emergency loans for businesses and individuals. Applying for a loan is easy with them. There's fewer paperwork, and there are no delays when getting your cash.

Right now, they have job openings for business managers.

2. PhilSmile

PhilSmile helps OFW parents pay their children's school fees. They were founded in 2014 after Dean Yang's EduPay. They pay the school fees on behalf of the parents, and also monitor the students' performance in school.

Right now, they are looking for software developers.

3. Taxumo

Taxumo is the startup for entrepreneurs. Founded in 2016, Taxumo manages all your taxes. They take care of the hard work for you, letting you skip long lines at the tax office. Clients can choose a variety of subscription plans to suit their needs

Their team is currently looking for software engineers with 5 years of experience.

4. You_source

You_source focuses on creating quality programs for SMEs or small and medium-sized enterprises. They know that in order to keep up with the competition, businesses have to use technology to their advantage.

Right now, They're looking for software engineers of different language specializations.

5. Satoshi Citadel Industries

Satoshi Citadel Industries is a cryptocurrency startup. They offer a variety of products which utilize the blockchain. Their aim is to promote cryptocurrency products here in the country.

They're currently looking for developers, marketers, and writers for their team.

The startup industry is growing lightning fast. If you're used to a corporate job, you might not like the startup environment, since it means long hours at a hectic pace.

On the other hand, if you crave to make an impact and have a take-charge attitude when it comes to your career, any of the above startups will welcome you with open arms.

Make your 2018 a challenge. Join a startup!