How to Make a Kickass C.V.

Recruiters read tons of C.V.s everyday, giving them approximately 6-9 seconds to read each paper. With such limited time, you have to make yours noticeable from the first look. Here are a few tips to make sure yours land on the interview pile.

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Why not icons?

Get rid of those obvious indicators such as Name, Address, Email, and Contact Number. Why not try using icons instead?

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Don't Beat Around the Bush

Trim details that are not relevant to what you are applying for. Have a limit of 1-2 pages only. (They probably won't even look at the second page)

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It's Already About You.

Avoid pronouns about yourself such as I, me, and myself. It is understood that your C.V. is about you. Plus, using too much of these words connote unprofessionalism and self-centeredness for some recruiters.

Be creative. 

This will definitely boost your C.V. to the interview pile! Forget the boring and bulleted sentences because recruiters see that all the time. Excite them by using 1-3 fonts, having a simple color scheme, and using a different layout.

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Be inspired by creative C.V.s online and make one that best fits your personality.

Scan for errors. 

Before printing and sending your C.V., check for misspelled words and ungrammatical sentences. Trust us, these are the recruiters' pet peeves. 

proofreading resumes

Letting these slip may indicate that you do not pay attention to detail or you have poor grammar.

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Make sure that your file is spot-on to make an impact to your next application!

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