Is It Better to Choose a Company Near You?

Longer commutes make employee's work life more challenging. Some even spend more hours in their cars just to go to work. If living far from your office makes your life miserable, it's important to consider choosing a company that is near your place. But is it really a good decision to make? What are the benefits of working for a company close to your home?

Working Near Home

Both employers and employees take advantage of working close to the office. For employees, they are more likely to stay with the company, making them a stable candidate. However, there are companies that make low offers for candidates who live near the workplace. It's not really important for employers if you live nearby, what matters to them is your performance and reliability.

It's the responsibility of the employee to plan their commute and make things easier for them. However, you can find companies that offer shuttle service for hassle-free commute to employees. More importantly, always keep in mind that skills, competence, and experience are the key points that employers look for in job applicants.

Pros and Cons of Work-Home Proximity

When it comes to the proximity, there are positive and negative sides of working near your home. Make sure to weigh things down before deciding which company you want to work with in the long run. Here are the pros and cons of choosing a workplace that is close to your house:


Flexibility. If you're looking to balance work life and home, it would help to work at a nearby company. Not only it will give you the convenience but also the flexibility to handle your personal and business responsibilities.

Reliability. Proximity to workplace makes employees more reliable because they don't have to worry about long hours of commute. It also makes them focus more on what needs to be done rather than thinking of the heavy traffic.

Low fuel costs. Gasoline price may not simply drop but you can cut the costs by working near your home. Plus, you lessen your contribution to air pollution.

Better health. You can help improve your health by simply living near your workplace. How? You can ride a bike or walk when going to your office and that is a great form of daily exercise.


High-paying jobs are usually located in business centers or big cities. So if you want to work with these huge companies, you need to rent an apartment in the city.

City living means busy lifestyle and that is something you may want to reconsider given the consequences such as high crime stats.

Work-From-Home Employees: Is It Possible?

According to a study conducted by Nicholas Bloom together with James Liang, allowing staff to work from their homes make them happier and more productive. But the major benefit of this is saving costs on furniture and rented space for employers. Employees who work from home, though, were able to complete 13.5 percent more than those working in their offices.

It doesn't really matter if you work near or far from your workplace, or even from home. What employees need to focus on is their productivity level and happiness felt while working.