With todayís digital age, most people do not give enough time and attention to validate information. Thousands of pictures and videos are consumed every minute, giving people the power to judge with a single scroll. This is the biggest challenge in every business: to share information amidst the heavy and tough traffic in social platforms.

As a recruiter, getting the best talents can be frustrating whenever you receive no interests from applicants. Surely, the problem is not your company. It is probably how you present your product/service to your audience. No matter how big or small your business is, the quality of information you put out there leaves a major impression on your company.

Besides Sales and Marketing, Recruitment is considered the front line of the company and yet, this is commonly neglected. To be able to get the best talents, you have to produce presentable materials that reflect your company and your ideal candidate/s. A simple blank logo, an informal font, or a misspelled word can downgrade your candidate options.

To make sure you get the best hires right away, here are a few tips on how to upgrade your recruitment process with Jobayan.com

Complete your company profile

Once you are signed up, make sure to complete all information regarding your company. Limited information tends to draw candidates away, giving the impression of an unprofessional or unexperienced company.

Interested candidates read all about the requirements, benefits, and background. In this section, sell your company like itís a limited-edition-must-have. Have that millennial flair! Show candidates that you have their ultimate dream job and they have to work for it. Check out how Stark Industriesí tone is more youthful and engaging compared to Wayne Enterprisesí formal tone below.

Create a job post

The great thing about our platform, is that you are able to show the essential information in a single job post. This is similar to a Tweet or a Facebook Status. The more information you have on a post, the better. Just make sure to be specific and feel free to make you description fun and engaging.

Add professional logos/photos

Images give a major impression on candidates. Especially with millennials, they are mostly drawn to more enticing and professional-looking profiles. If you still havenít uploaded a profile picture and a cover, do so. If you have images on your profile with bad quality and informal design, replace them! Trust us, even if your offer is not that impressive, good images can persuade candidates to apply.

Share on your website and social media accounts

Where do all potential candidates hang-out? In social media of course! Keep them on the loop by updating your social media for job opportunities. Just make sure to have good quality content posted on your Facebook to entice the best talents. Partnering with us also gives you free job posts on our Facebook Like Page. So feel free to follow and share our content to get more candidates interested.

Plus, you can now update possible candidates when they visit your company website through our Career Widget. Simply fill in the information in this new tool and your latest job posts in Jobayan will automatically appear in your website.

Communicate well with candidates

After listing all possible candidates, one of our new features allows you to organize your schedule with each one. This is the Interview Scheduler tool.

Update the best talents by communicating through email and mobile. Keep it friendly and professional by letting them know more about the company, the offer, and most importantly, the interviewer. This lets your candidates decide if your company is worth their effort to prepare for.

Todayís digital age is tough and dynamic. Looking for the fresh and best talents is more challenging than ever before. As a recruiter, you have to learn how to play with the trend while keeping your company brand and values. The awesome thing about following these simple steps is being part of this new technology that is changing the face of Recruitment... And it starts right here.