Job Portals Needs Upgrades

I guess everyone that creates a job portal aims to change the job market. We don't intend to change it, we intend to solve one small part of it, and do very well.

In all major sporting teams there are rarely tryouts. Team scouts actively research and find key players one at a time. Large companies have the money and resources to also find key talent one at a time, but for the rest of us, the start ups, the SMEs, the fresh grad, the rank and file, we share the same problem of finding that very special needle in the haystack.

From a user story, job seekers that fall in this category maybe at first choose to apply to their dream companies and by doing that they face a lot of challenges like finding the right decision maker, the competition and if they are even hiring. Job seekers that fail to land their dream companies usually move on to move on to other options and while there are a lot of alternative companies, unfortunately cannot apply to every company they might find interesting.

Companies that fall in this category, on the other hand, usually hire opportunistically; They compare against all the candidates that applied for them and choose the most qualified out of the bunch, unaware of other possible and more qualified candidates looking for a job. This is most likely one of the reasons why there is no magic formula to build a great company because there is a variable of chance when it comes to recruiting.

So there we have it. We are destined to walk in this crowded recruitment space blindly seeking for each other. The typical job board makes it easier to enter this space, but the problem still persists. For years the concept of the job portal has not changed. Companies post their availabilities and wait for candidates to find them and further to apply. There are innovations like access to mass resumes and better matching algorithms, but the problem described, again, still persists.

Jobayan does not claim to solve the entire problem of the recruitment industry. We only want to solve one small part of it, and do very well. Jobayan has two primary features, awareness and connection. To solve for awareness we promote job seekers to post and be as visible as job posts. To companies we promote to connect to these bold job seekers willing to put themselves out there. Jobayan offers these features always FREE of charge.

Our approach is simple, social and data; When we say simple, literally simple forms and clicks. Our feed is patterned off of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as our own branding while introducing new kinds of user experiences. Lastly we collect a lot of data. We use this data to power our eventual artificial intel, feed back into open research projects and to help drive our business.

It takes less than 20 seconds to create a post on Jobayan and around 1 second to connect to companies and seekers. Go ahead and signup to see what we are talking about.