Opening Doors for Fresh Graduates

Every college student has that ultimate goal after graduation: to find a decent job that will be able to compensate all the hard work he and his parents have put in for the last 4-5 years, at the soonest time possible.

In a perfect world, such goal can be achieved in a very little amount of time. However, PSA reports in January of 2018 that there are still 3,757,541 unemployed individuals finding a job and 12,761,460 underemployed workers who are waiting for a good time to switch jobs – which means that by the time that they have graduated, some of the available jobs in the market may have already been filled.

Looks gloom, huh? Not yet.

The Philippine Labor Market for 2018 has given a projected increase in the Employment Rate to 94.7% vs 93.4% in 2017. Such increase provides a better outlook for jobseekers especially for the 2018 graduates. Not only that, after the Philippines joined member states of the United Nations in unanimously adopting the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, it will encourage companies to provide inclusivity and sustainability among the Philippine Labor Force.

Jobayan's Advocacy

Initially, when Jobayan was created by Openovate Labs (now Sterling Openovate Corporation), it was intended to be an alternative channel for technology-based companies, start-ups, and non-corporate companies to quickly find fresh and savvy talent.

But as more users came in, it has molded its identity to address companies' immediate job hiring needs by providing low-cost services and solutions. By allowing the job seekers to promote their preferred job roles in the platform, Jobayan is no longer just another job search engine; it becomes a job community where getting hired and finding candidates are easy.

As the Philippine's answer to the United Nation Development Programme's call for the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2021 has been created to streamline its commitment with the United Nations. Filipinos will be given access to economic opportunities through job creation and encouraging entrepreneurship in the country.

Jobayan has committed to support the government through SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth for the youth, as we are currently creating partnerships among Colleges and Universities all over the Philippines to be able to provide equal opportunities among all job seekers, most especially for new graduates. We aim to become the bridge between fresh graduates and companies through job matching, reducing the complexities of forms and processes in the recruitment experience, making it simple for them to connect.

Each partnership will provide more opportunities for the fresh graduates as Jobayan will use their technology to create job portals for these colleges and universities without incurring any costs. This will also empower the students as they will be able to advertise the skills that they have acquired during their educational years. Moreover, when presented with thousands of job options in the platform, each fresh graduate will be matched with their preferred position, industry and location.

One of the partnerships that Jobayan is proud of is the one forged with the Trinity University of Asia in February 2018, with a Memorandum of Agreement signed by Dr. Wilfred U. Tiu, Trinity University of Asia President and Mr. Christian Blanquera, Vice President for Sales, Marketing and Business Development of Sterling Openovate Corporation. With this partnership, Jobayan will build Trinity University of Asia's Career Portal that will be incorporated within the University's website, hereby providing TUA's graduates with further options in career placements.

Seated (L to R) Venice Evangelista, Jobayan Head of Business Development,
Christian Blanquera, Jobayan Vice President of Sales and Marketing,
Dr. Wilfred U. Tiu, University President; Dr. Gisela Luna, VP for Academic Affairs
Standing (L to R ) Anne, Jinky Gamit, Marketing and Communications Manager;
Caleb Donne Coniate, OIC, Global Education and Industry Relations;
Dennis Abellera, Alumni Coordinator

As Jobayan celebrates its first year in April, with more than 30,000 companies and counting, new doors will be opened for each fresh graduate, thus increasing their chances of being employed, hereby closing the gap between job seekers and companies.

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. -Milton Berle

If you're a fresh graduate looking for jobs, start your job hunting with Jobayan! Jobayan is a simple way to connect to job posters. Sign up, Create your account and start finding job opportunities.