Optimize your Company Job Posts with Attach Application Form Feature

Job Application forms are essential for any organization's recruitment process. It is a great way to gather comprehensive information from your applicants. Yet, for some recruiters pre-screening documents are still done manually and use tons of paper in the process.

There are other options to make application forms available online like Google Docs form templates. But what if we told you that you can now incorporate application forms into your job posts all in one go!

Introducing Jobayan's Attach Application Form Feature. Manage and screen Job Seekers that places an interest in your job post in Jobayan using this company tool.

For only 500 credits per job post, you can now create customisable Pre-Screening Forms for each of your job post. No need to send your job application forms one by one to your applicant via email or Google docs link. Jobayan will automatically ask Job Seekers to fill out the Application Form once they place an interest in your company job post.

The Attach Application form tool is highly customisable. Build your form to fit your organization's recruitment process. Ask potential job seekers their contact numbers, work experience, job preferences, and other pre-interview questions that you need for your screening process. You can also ask job seekers to upload documents such as certifications, portfolios, and other pertinent documents you need.

Want to include this in all your posts? Jobayan also provides a premium subscription to enable this feature in all posts. Just hit up business@jobayan.com to ask for a quotation for this subscription.

Protip: Keep the questions in your Form to about 3-5 items. An enormous amount of questions will tire out the job seeker and may deter them from applying. Keep the questions concise and easy to answer.

How to use the Attach Application Form Tool

Step 1

Log in to your company dashboard. Navigate to the Company Tools tab on the left hand side and choose Applicant Tracking System

Step 2

Choose the job post you want to create a Pre-Screening form with. You can create forms for each of your active job post. It is necessary to create a job post first and 500 credits per post to use this feature.

Step 3

Name your form. We recommend to use the job title + your recruitment process to label your forms. Click create to get started with your form.

Step 4

Start Populating the fields of your form by clicking "Add Field"

Step 5

Create your questions you would need for your screening process. The form is in default multiple choice. Place the answers to your multiple choice question on the blank fields. Click "Answer Box" to add more choices. For long custom answers, just tick the "Allow Custom Answers box" instead and leave the above blanks empty.

When your satisfied with your form just click "Publish".

Step 6

Go back to your job lists and in the Form column choose the title of the form you created. Be careful in choosing which form to attach. You can only attach a form to a job post once. If you accidentally choose the wrong form, you can always go back and edit it.

After attaching you can click on "Inform Seekers" to automatically notify them of your pre-screening form emailed to them directly!

From here on, with the Applicant Tracking System, you can instantly screen job seekers that places an interest in your job posts through these forms without your intervention. This lowers the need to manually send out google sheets or word docs of your pre-screening process for them to answer. Filled out forms are also downloadable for your use.