Pro Tips for Employers: Best Ways to Post a Job

As the world becomes more and more fast-paced, new businesses are starting everywhere. And this creates demand for new jobs. This is great news for the casual freelancer, the student, and the hardcore worker wanting to make ends meet. The possibilities are just endless!

Of course, for employers wanting to find a deal for good work, a simple job posting is often the only thing that's needed. But how exactly do you post jobs? How do you make sure that your offer gets seen in the pool of possible employees?

Jobayan Peak Times

There's no better way of maximizing your offer's visibility than posting during peak times. This is really, really simple for you to do.

We here at Jobayan, with millennials as our target audience, receive a lot of traffic each day. But to make sure your job gets seen, post it during our peak times.

Our site has two peak times every week:

  • Sundays from 8 am to 9 in the morning, and

  • Mondays from 8 to 9 in the morning and 3 to 4 in the afternoon.

We always want to make sure that hiring employees is a breeze. All you have to do is post your job (pro tip: preferably during our peak times) and sit back and relax. We'll match you up with interested employees for you to take your perfect fit.

A quick and hassle-free way to find your future employees, right?

Other Pro Tips for Posting Jobs

Of course, posting during peak times is only one way of getting a nice flow of prospected employees. To make sure your offering is seen, you need to reach an audience.

Posting on job boards like ours is fine on its own. But if you want to do more, let the message be heard!

Inform your followers on your social media sites that you're offering them to be a part of your team. Put up announcements on your website. Basically, tell people that you want them in.

The news will be spread by word-of-mouth and through post sharing and comment mentioning. Not only will you have better visibility, they also count as free advertising.

Here's another pro tip: Post on weekdays.

Weekends aren't the only times you could put up a job offer. In fact, posting on weekdays gives you a slightly better edge. Not all people who look for jobs just look during the weekends. This is something you can take advantage of.

To optimize your visibility, try posting on different job boards at different times of the week. Going all around the board can give you a really wide coverage. Plus, you'd have a wider selection to choose from skilled and talented people who have great potential.

This leads us to our last pro tip: Break the traditional recruitment mindset.

Gone are the days when most job offerings are seen in newspaper ads or heard through radio announcements. Now, a simple Google search can possibly land you a job in a matter of minutes.

This convenience also offers some improvements to how we should approach recruitment. Don't settle for the same old, boring, overused tactics. Improvise and adapt.

With the Internet and the higher demand for fresh manpower, you could save valuable time and money looking for workers. Use our pro tips to give you an edge over other potential employers. Who knows, the right employees might just be waiting for the perfect job only you can offer.