Should I Recruit Through Social Media?

Today's fresh graduates grew up connected and online. They are more likely to start a chat on your Facebook Page versus tuning in to TV or reading a magazine.

The old adage is to go where your audience is so the short answer if you should recruit via social media is a resounding: YES!

social media recruitment

Here are some facts.

Current Trends in Using Social Media to Recruit

In 2017, there was a significant rise in using social media to recruit talents. Pew Research reported that 86% of people between 18 to 29 years of age are using social media sites. They use it for finding jobs, socializing, communication, news, and entertainment. Therefore, companies need to recognize the fact that social platforms are the fastest growing means of finding, attracting, and recruiting new hires.

recruiting new hires via twitter

How Social Recruiting Work

Social recruitment is a hiring strategy that involves social media sites to reach and attract top talents and job seekers. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are only some of today's highly used social networks in advertising jobs, finding talents, and communicating with new recruits. But other reputable websites like Jobayan also used by employers nowadays as part of their social recruitment strategies.

Here are the best tips when recruiting potential employees via new social media:

Using hashtags on Twitter or Facebook so potential recruits can find you. 

Hashtags easily help social media users find what they need and share posts to others.

Scheduling your posts on social media in order to achieve maximum engagement. 

This will help you manage the number of people that will see your posts. Create an ideal time so your target audience will easily get your message.

Creating a company page on LinkedIn. 

This social media network is probably the perfect platform for recruiters and companies online. In fact, 93% of recruiters are in this platform for social recruiting.

Optimizing your company page on social media for search. 

Make sure to create brief main messages so people will quickly see your posts. Make your company description more interesting and fill out company specialties so job seekers will know who you are.

Creating custom images to build better social engagement. 

Company pages with images are more likely to get viewed on social media sites. Add ideal photos that speak a thousand words about what your company do and how it works.

Pros and Cons of Recruiting via Social Media

The main benefits that companies and recruiters take advantage of in social recruiting are reaching elusive passive candidates, seeing passion and talent firsthand, getting resume details without an actual resume, finding great culture fit, and filtering out unfit candidates. Plus, you can save money and time when you do social recruiting.

However, there are also negative sides in recruiting potential hires on social media. Some of the profiles that candidates make, such as on LinkedIn, are not their real credentials. So if you are a recruiter who wants to get the best of the best, always carefully check the background of the candidate before recruiting.

But we leave the final verdict to you: will you be using social media to recruit your next hire?