The Secret to Great Recruiting is Digital Marketing

Getting the right kind of applicants online isn't an easy feat. Just because you are posting your jobs online does not mean you'll find the right applicant all the time. It's possible you'll get lucky once in a while, and recruiting specialists can help narrow down the candidate list, but for the most part you'll end up hiring based on convenience and is mostly opportunistic.

There happens to be a science involved with finding the right candidates online which most recruiting teams are unaware. The first part is awareness. Most marketers understand the value of having a good awareness strategy and execution. For example when posting your job online it does matter when you post it.

When You Should Post your Job

Most candidates look for jobs during the following days and times.

  • Sunday - 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Sunday - 8:00PM - 9:00PM
  • Monday - 8:00AM - 10:00AM
  • Monday - 2:00PM - 4:00PM

Particularly in the Philippines, most candidates look for jobs during these peak months.

  • January - February - Job Switching
  • February - April - Graduation I
  • September - November - Graduation II

Where You Should Post your Job

Have you maximized all of your channels? Where you post also does matter. There are many job portals in the Philippines, however some might not be suited for what you are looking for. The following sites would yield the best results.

How to Maximize Your Job Post

In today's internet, most job seekers still start their job search on Google. Most job portals however purely market their site and though ideally you would want to establish your presence on these sites because of their raw traffic, however it doesn't necessarily mean that all possible candidates will be driven to your post. Consider this funnel below.

job portal traffic funnel

The major flaw of most job portals is that they don't do a good job marketing every job on their platform. This leaves you with a major decision as a recruitment specialist which is to take digital marketing in your own hands. Some recommended ways to market your job posts are the following.

  • Facebook Promotions
  • Twitter Sponsored Tweets
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Posts
  • Google Adwords

However understanding ad spend, keywords and target audiences are a profession on its own. This is why it's recommend to have a digital marketer on board as apart of your recruiting team in order to maximize your posts and strategy.

Jobayan to the rescue!

If marketing strategies aren't your strength or marketing budgets are too expensive, Jobayan offers these kind of services to it's customers for a very reasonable fee. Jobayan acts like your marketing department inside of your recruiting department. And Jobayan is very good at it! Covering Email, SMS, Facebook, Adwords, LinkedIn and Twitter. All very targeted and data driven.

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