What you should be looking for in your 20s

We are pleased to inform you that you have accomplished the easy part of your life. ĖThose long thesis nights, beer pongs, and 7:45 classes, yup. Those are nothing compared to the challenges youíll face after graduation.

Welcome to your adulting 101! We have compiled several testimonies from those who have gone through the same phase to help you make better decisions in your 20s.

Create goals, not dreams.

Feeling lost and uncertain about your career? This is normal. While most people your age try to solve this by travelling, try to be more realistic. Sure, travelling can give you fresh ideas and a bomb Instagram feed but donít forget to think about what you are going to do after that vacation.

Take note of the things that you want to achieve each month and year. Your short-term and long-term goals will put a direction in your life and career. This will help you validate the decisions that you make no matter how big or small.

Having no goals will only lead to two results: becoming a slacker or becoming mentally and physically drained. Most young professionals lose their motivation way too early because of having no direction in life. Having multiple goals is okay as long as they are realistic.

Look for a good mentor.

While finding a suitable job, your priorities may include best pay, company, benefits, and location. While these may be important, most people your age forget to look for the best mentor. A big and reputable company can give you a good pay and benefits, but sometimes they are too structured and overstaffed to the point that your boss will not see your efforts and potential.

Remember, this stage is important for you to discover more about your industry and capabilities. A good mentor is more important than a reputable company and a hefty salary. Look for a mentor with a good background, strong leadership skills, and one that matches your vibe. Trust us, this will reflect on your output and daily motivation. Later on, he or she will help you build a bigger network for future opportunities.

Donít expect your company to provide you everything.

Do you feel like having a stagnant life? Like every day is a mere routine, without enough Ďthrillí at work. This is pretty normal for entry level jobs. Remember, there is no perfect company for you. Those gaps that you see in your career can only be filled by you.

Learning should not stop after working hours. Invest on meaningful seminars, events, and talks that will help you gain more knowledge about life and career. Initiate conversation with leaders and seasoned professionals to widen your network and be part of organizations to have life beyond work.

Itís never too early to think about your health

Sure, youíre young and full of energy! That does not mean you should be taking everything that is given to you. Learn how to say no and think of how too much work can take a toll on your health. Revamp your priorities and consider your jobís location, daily expenses, and workload. Remember, medical expenses are way more expensive than what you are earning.

Find a job you love and youíll never have to work a day in your life

The truth is, that fantasy we see online about work-life-balance and having a stress-free life are not true, just like this quote above. There is no perfect job out there for you. Facing sleepless nights, failed targets, and missed opportunities are inevitable. You will know that itís the right one for you if you stay driven despite all challenges without compensating your health.

The great thing about todayís generation is how you are able to wear multiple hats in a fast-paced environment. Just remember to gain enough experience and to balance career with mental and physical health. So better start mapping out that career and stay motivated.