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Who We Are

Jobayan.com is a product of Sterling Openovate Corporation, a full stack technology company that develops apps, companies, and game changers. It is made initially as an alternative channel for technology-based companies, startups, and non-corporate companies like ours to quickly find fresh and savvy talent easily.

As Jobayan.com grew in its users, we molded its identity to address companies’ immediate job hiring needs by providing low-cost services and solutions. By allowing candidates to promote their preferred job roles in the platform, we aim to shape Jobayan.com not just as another job search engine but a job community where getting hired and finding candidates are easy. Recruiters and candidates match and connect with each other to make job hunting more social.

To our brothers and sisters at Startup PH (Philippines) community and the PHackers (Philippines) community, this one is for you.

Jobayan's Mission

As a Job and Talent matching platform without the hassle, Jobayan.com aims to make job hunting more social by reducing complexities of forms and processes in the recruitment experience, making it simple for candidates and companies to connect.

How does Jobayan work?

Publish your resume

Add your experience, education and skills. Jobayan will automatically match you with jobs.

Search Through Job Openings

Click "Apply Now" on a job opening and your contact details will automatically get sent to them.

Wait for a Match

Here in Jobayan, theres no forever in job hunting! When a job opening matches, you will be notified right away!

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