This job opening is expired and exists as historical reference.

Sales Admin

Makati City Fulltime 100+
Job Description

1. Creating of Memo and Business Letters (Time to time)
2. Creating of Broker's Agreement (Time to time)
3. Purchasing/requesting of Marketing Collaterals (Time to Time)
4. Assisting on Marketing Events (Time to time)
5. Uploading of water Reading in SAP (Every first week of the month)
6. Payment advise of Water Payments (Once a month)
7. Handling of Buyer's Requests (Time to time)
8. Handling of Petty cash, Reimbursements and revolving fund of SDs (Time to time)
9. Liquidation of Cash Advance (Time to time)
10. DTR of Sellers (Every 15th and 30th for the Independent contractors and Every 13th and 28th for the Sales Directors)
11. Processing of Buyer's Promo (Time to time)
12. Assisting on Turnover of Units (Time to time)
13. Following up of Buyer's Requirements (Time to time)
14. Reminding of Clients about their monthly amortizations (Every Month)